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Angel Castle
Angel Castle by Rita Mery and Seth Styles (dragged)

Home and Introduction

Angel Castle  

By Rita Mery  & Seth Styles

This novella, Angel Castle, was specially written for children.

It is all about hope, fairies,  angels, love and spirituality.

The aim of this story is to focus on the children’s needs

and to provide assistance via angels to cope with any

problematic issues arising during their life.

Angel Castle is a palace in the sky where angel fairies live

and are selected to go on missions to help children.

These missions can only occur if a child recites their special prayer.

So, the angel fairies long to hear children pray.

Johnny, recites their prayer!

Immediately, seven chosen lucky angel fairies respond to his call.

They travel down, via a cloud, to earth.

On earth they meet other angel fairies, plus creatures, flowers

and even angels themselves who assist them on their journey.

Their challenge, to assist Johnny with his problamatic issues,

plus, gain his love!

Only if they succeed, will the angel fairies be granted

their prestigious Angelic Award,

and be permitted their return home to Angel Castle.